Try a Trip to Paington

Making up one third of the English Riviera as it does, it comes as no surprise that Paignton offers the consummate sea resort vacation experience. What may come as a surprise are the sheer number of events, activities, and amenities that the area offers both near and far from the sea itself. Guests and visitors to Paignton rarely expect the full on experience that the town can offer away from the beaches that make up its primary draw. A trip to Paignton has a certain charm that you can no longer find anywhere else making it perfect for families, couples, and the cultural.

Paignton was a fishing village for much of its history, as merchants preferred to do business in Torquay and Brixham, but a new harbour was constructed in 1837. After that, a seawall was put in place to protect the now famous sandy beaches of the town. The area achieved resort status when the railway finally reached it in the late 1800s and the rest is history. Today much of the town has been built on level with the beaches and colorful beach huts line its promenades. It is as if Paignton had been built with the enjoyment of the sun, sand, and sea in mind. The pier, harbor, theatres, and even the Paignton Green are all within easy reach of the beaches and the accommodations that line them.

When you plan your trip to Paignton, remember that there is plenty to do once you have torn yourself away from the seaside itself. The town is surprisingly interesting, particularly in the evening. All year round, festivals and events including a weeklong children’s event are held on the Green. You may explore the town’s history and architecture by visiting notable locations like Oldway Mansion, home of Isaac Singer, or travel to the Zoo or the working organic farm, nature reserve, and shop that is Occombe Farm. Finally, the offerings of Winner’s Street promise tempting local antiquities and curiosities for the shopping minded. At night, consider strolling the seafronts and promenades. You can find excellent food and entertainment here throughout the year, most notably at the historic Palace Theatre. Whatever you may be looking to do on your holiday, you can find it in the town of Paignton.