Be Safe When You Camp – A Pest Control Issue

I love to camp out in the great out doors like a lot of other people. It’s nice to hike, sit around a big camp fire, fish and meet new people. To make sure my trip is a safe one I have a check list I work off of to make sure I have all the safety equipment and supplies I need for a trip. Having a well supplied first aid kit is a must, plus enough water, food, sun screen, insect repellent, fuel for the vehicle so on and so on. There is one area of safety concerns for ourselves and family that we my neglect to think about that has become important. That area of concern is from rodents. If you live in either Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino or Los Angeles you already know that rodent control is a problem.

Weather its rats, mice, or ground squirrels, you have read something about the problems with damage they cause and the spread of disease these guys are responsible for. In one incident, a lady was coming back from a camping trip to Arizona. She became ill once she was back in San Diego with Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. They found that her camper had mice that carried the disease and summarized she picked up these guys while in Arizona.

You need to add one more thing to your list of things to do when you’re planning a camping trip. When you plan a camping trip, check out the area you area going to, check with either the forest service or who ever the controlling agency is for that area. Ask about potential disease problems from rats, mice and other rodents that may be occurring at the sites you will be visiting.

Also, once you get to where you are going, check out the cabins for rats or mice. Open the doors and windows to air out the cabin, look for either rat or mouse dropping. Inspect for any rodent infestation inside the cabin. If you sleep outdoors, check potential campsites for rodent dropping and burrows. Do not disturb rodent burrows, or dens.

Avoid sleeping near woodpiles or garbage areas. Avoid sleeping on bare ground, Use a mat or cots if you have them. Store foods in rodent-proof containers and properly discard, bury, or burn all garbage.

When you get ready to leave check all your gear and the vehicle.You surely don’t want to carry anything back to your home and you don’t want to help spread a disease like the Hantavirus back to the area you live in.